Scout's Spot

Woof, Scout here. I joined Natasha and Bryon's pack when they visited my sunny farm in Coulee City, Washington more than eight years ago. From the beginning, I have represented our real estate business well. From my photogenic nature to my sheer zest for Kirkland Style, I've truly enhanced the down-to-earth nature and approachability our team strives for.

I love Kirkland for its fragrant waterfront parks, fun walkable neighborhoods and downtown area, and all the refreshing beaches since I love to swim! I know all the best places to explore, sniff, and snooze.

If it's sunny out, you'll find me taking a walk, basking on the front porch, or swimming at Waverly Beach Park. If it's snowing, you'll find me frolicking up and down the streets enjoying the occasional mouthful of snow. And if it's raining, well then I'll be curled up inside the house, nice and warm, on my comfy bed. (I dare you to try to get me outside).

I am an important member of this team and thankfully my efforts do not go unrewarded. For my most excellent behavior and contributions, I enjoy gourmet cookies, spa treatments (you may know them as grooming visits), belly rubs, back scratches, play time, and every so often a great adventure when we take to the road and journey to all kinds of places in the CAR! Like this time when I met Franz the Bear in Park City, Utah...

Natasha and Bryon and I make a great team and I love doing my part for Kirkland Style.