Look of the Week: True Bullnose Stair Treads


Hardwood stairs are beautiful, but can be slippery for little feet - kids or pets. We have this challenge at our own house, but didn't want to do anything permanent. Runners of course are an option, but we preferred a solution void of any glue or nails that would be hard to remove later. Simple/classic and reasonably priced runners also seemed few and far between.
After lots of Googling, we found a compromise in True Bullnose treads -- and opted for the wool version in a color that resembles sisal, for a timeless, neutral look. They're totally custom - you choose the width and depth of the treads, as well as the length of the top tread piece, and order whatever quantity you need.

The adhesive is the same as the stuff that comes on the back of credit cards -- so it's sticky, but easy to remove. Brilliant!

We've had ours for several months now and they've held up great. Love ideas like this that makes our homes a little bit better.