Look of the Week: Circadian Lighting

New LED technology is focusing on supporting our natural circadian rhythms to promote wellness - "Home Wellness" is the concept. A recent Forbes article noted this as a 2019 building trend, declaring "This new technology, also called human centric or tunable lighting, produces indoor illumination that more closely matches natural light in its warmth and, paired with home automation, shifts through the day with the sun to ease the impact of artificial light on the human body."

With growing photobiology research, we're learning our light fixtures can transcend simple aesthetics and actually improve health by mimicking natural lighting conditions throughout the day.

According to Bios Lighting, "Circadian Rhythm manages the timing of many of the body’s most critical functions including the production of testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol, and melatonin. These items affect our mental and physical health, our mood, our energy and our overall well-being."

Studies show improvement in alertness, mood, and cognitive processing as a result of circadian lighting -- and better sleep.

Australian comany Delos offers a host of home "wellness intelligence" services, from circadian lighting to air and water filtration.

Ketra is one company offering this type of lighting system. You may also wish to simply try Philips' sceneswitch:

Here's to happier light!