Luxury Co-Living Spaces

Luxury co-living spaces seems to be gaining in popularity - particularly among millennials, according to this article by MarketWatch. In cities like New York, LA, and London, it's catching on - and there's even a development in Seattle's Capitol Hill.

Here's an excerpt from the MarketWatch article:

Call it a co-living space, call it a commune, or just call it home.
Whatever you call it, one thing is clear: High-end co-living -- in which big groups of people live together and share well-designed communal spaces and luxe amenities -- is all the rage among millennials. Typically, these co-living developments -- which have popped up in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco -- offer small, fully-furnished studios or bedrooms for residents, with the big draw being large shared living spaces and perks like organized group events and weekly housekeeping that includes clean linens and refreshed toiletries and kitchen supplies.
“It’s like living in a dorm again, but more mature. It’s great,” said video game designer and developer Chris McGlade, 24, who lives in an Ollie co-living space in New York City after graduating from college in Boston.
One of the companies offering co-living (Ollie) boasts "Cost Savings, Convenience, Comfort, & Community".

The designs and spaces are really beautiful! What do you think?

Dwell did a piece on this kind of shared housing as well. Click here to read it.

Dec 7, 2018