Look of the Week: Spooky (not scary) Halloween Decor

This week we're sharing a few fun ideas for Halloween that will give you the chills without being too scary for the little ones. We are also including some highly creative kids' costumes at the bottom of this post! (Above, spider infestation - tutorial here.)

Skeletons scaling your house - always a great choice.

Yard monsters! Silly and kid friendly. Tutorial here.

Spiders crawling about... ick.

Rats scurrying... super ick.

Floating witches hats!

Ring-around-the-rosie ghosties (tutorial here).

And certainly not real estate related, but we couldn't resist - such creativity! Amazing kids' costumes:

Bag ladies!

Too much farm cute.

Of course!


Have a wonderful October weekend :)

(Image credits as noted and via Pinterest)

October 13, 2017