Look of the Week: 2015 Trends

As homeowners continue to prefer a reduced carbon footprint and the idea of living with less, a tiny house trend has emerged (which has lead to tiny house themed reality shows, such as Tiny House Hunters and Tiny House Nation). According to Fortune, "GE is in development of a new line of kitchens for urban micro units developed in the company’s innovative FirstBuild Studio". Check it out:

Ventless dryers and compact washers are also in the mix:

Another trend is the increasing desire to live in a walkable community with a short commute. The Fortune article cites, "In his recent book, Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way, author Dan Buettner claims that cutting an hour-long commute each way is the happiness equivalent of a $40,000-per-year pay raise".

And this one got my attention: "Personalized Appliances: Maybe you feel your old range is boring, but you can’t afford to replace a perfectly good appliance just because you don’t like the look. GE’s FirstBuild Studio is developing 3D-printed accessories for its older model kitchen appliances. The system will allow you to order new knobs, grill plates and handles in fun colors like cupcake blue or pepper red."

What do you think? Could be fun in the right setting - definitely an unexpected look!