Look of the Week: Forts

With a little bit of spring sunshine jumping out these last couple days, somehow my thoughts drifted to play forts. I guess springtime just reminds me of being a kid - that and we're hoping to craft a tree-house type fort for our little guy this summer, schedule permitting!

The one above is made from runner beans, and the one below from willow rods (here's a tutorial for both).

We are shooting for something more along these lines (ie an actual wood structure that's elevated even without the "tree"), and love these circular cut-outs.
If you're lucky enough to have a giant tree to build around, this horizontal slatted one is really cool and kind of space age.

Climbing wall as access is a great idea, too!

There's just something about having your own little space as a kid, isn't there?  :)

Have a great weekend!

(images via Pinterest)

March 27, 2015