Look of the Week: Smart Light

For a long time, Bryon and I resisted the trend away from incandescent lighting since we hated the cold, harsh light and slow response of CFL bulbs. However recently we discovered a new breed of LED which is not so bad - and the energy savings is really incredible. Plus, you pretty much never need to change the bulbs (well, for  years and years, anyway). That is a great thing. I told Bryon "Next find me something that prevents the need to ever have to dust!". Not likely.

We like the GE bulbs. This one is called the Link. It connects via a hub to the Wink app on your phone - so you can remotely operate your lights!
Right now, Home Depot is selling two bulbs plus the hub for $50. Yes, a lot for a couple bulbs, but there is something to be said for almost never having to replace a burned out bulb, plus the significant energy savings (about 80%). And, PSE is offering up to $7 off per bulb on LED purchases. We've found great deals on LED can lights at Target and Fred Meyer lately as well. Bryon estimates we've reduced our wattage from 2500 to 550 in our most-used rooms.

With the recent time change and shorter days upon us, this is a great way to keep your homes bright and cozy for less!

(image via tumblr)

November 7, 2014