Look of the Week: Creative Veggie Gardens

Now that it officially feels like spring and the sunshine is making us extra chipper, why not take advantage of both the weather and your mood and create a perfectly sized vegetable garden? Just think of all the fresh strawberries, lettuce, and tomatoes you'd enjoy while dining al fresco. Your guests/kids/family will be so impressed!

If you've got the room, here are some pretty ones.

Of course going vertical is a great option if space is limited! Yes, this is a shoe organizer :) Tutorial here.

And this one is made from (BPA-free let's hope) soda bottles.

You can also go horizontal using rain gutters:
 The strawberry tutorial is here.

And last, the one I most want to try. Tutorial here. (Though I will say that first idea with the wine boxes looks pretty simple, actually)

And who knows... you might like growing your own veggies so much, you'll turn into this guy! :)

(other images via Pinterest)

April 11, 2014