Look of the Week: Gift Wrap Stations

While gift-wrapping rooms may be over the top, a gift wrapping station somewhere in your house can be a huge time saver and also a happy little spot. There are lots of options, from built in cabinetry and furniture pieces, to smaller organizers ... or you can simply use ordinary objects to corral paper, ribbons, and the like! Here are a few stations that we think are great.
This one most closely resembles the contents of our own "station" (yes, we have a dedicated cabinet in our upper hallway and it is so convenient! :). Solid paper, natural twine and simple string make for unfussy, pretty packaging.
 Martha Stewart created this hutch specifically as a gift-wrapping piece (of course!).
 I love this solution - easily accessible, keeps contents tidy, and hardly takes up any space at all. So long as you have a nice work surface nearby, it's a great option.
Papers corralled in a mesh wastebasket on wheels. Great idea.
Perfectly sized tray-drawers.
An attractive solution to keeping ribbons tidy (and easy to cut!).

Happy wrapping :)

(Images from houselogic, organizement, Real Simple, and BHG.)

Apr 9, 2013