Look of the Week: Backyard Cottages

Backyard cottages can be a great solution if you need extra space and your lot permits, whether for an office or studio, an extra hangout space, a music room, or simply for storage!  There are tons of great prefab models available, though building something custom on site is always an option if you have a specific design in mind. Here are a few that got our attention, starting with this Portland studio which is just 154 square feet and made out of salvaged lumber from barns in Oregon.

These prefab ones from Modern-Shed arrive ready to go (how cute does it look on that trailer?)

 StudioShed makes some as well. This looks like a fantastic workspace...

Last, this cottage was recycled! Once a vintage tourist cabin, it was purchased for $500, relocated, and given a new life. 

Mar 11, 2013