Look of the Week: Pink

We're guessing pink is not among the most popular colors for interior design, but when done right, it can be quite pretty and fresh! In honor of Valentine's Day this Thursday, we're giving props to pink. Above, a soft pink settee and "plucked from the garden" flowers make this modern dining room a ton warmer and more inviting.

And with an all-white or neutral backdrop, a pink throw and some flowers are all it takes (in other words, no big commitments like say a giant pink settee... :)

This more unexpected shade of pink pairs perfectly with charcoal grey, while the natural elements keep the whole look feeling easy and organic.

Candy-colored chairs make an otherwise stark space feel sweet and playful. Such fun!

So here's to embracing pink this week .. even if it's in the form of fresh flowers or a bowl of Sweethearts :)

(Images from Pinterest)

Feb. 11, 2013